I'm originally trained as an architect. I practiced architecture in Texas, focusing primarily on computer-aided design applications. My computer skills led me to web site design, which I did after moving back to Wisconsin.

With the economic downturn in 2008 I decided to try my hand at the mosaic quilt style I found in Maxine Rosenthal's book "One Block Wonders." And there was no turning back.

These quilts combine my love of color, form and artistic discovery with my natural tendency towards precision and detail.

The quilts are the result of a process, not a pattern. The kaleidoscopic part of each quilt is cut from a single bolt of fabric. When I buy the fabric I have no idea what the resulting quilt will look like. The process moves in steps, and each step involves exploration and discovery. And each step builds on the previous one. It's only when I get to the very end that I can see each quilt for what it wanted to be.

About The Quilts

The fabric is 100% cotton. The batting is a cotton/polyester blend.

They have been washed and dried once.

They are labeled on the back, at the bottom corner, with an embroidered twill label.

The quilts come with four-inch pockets on the back, running the width of the quilt, at both the top and bottom, so they may be hung for display. When the quilt is not hanging the pockets lay flat and are part of an all-around border.

photo: Dan Bishop

photo: Dan Bishop