Web Site Design

When I started designing web sites at the start of the century there was a real need for someone like me who could put together a clean, simple, attractive—yet fairly static—web site for individuals or small businesses. Ten years later the landscape has changed, and customers demand more from their web sites: the ability to blog; the ability to sell; the ability to make their own changes. Fortunately there are now simple, packaged solutions available to address all these needs. In fact, this web site employs a number of them. What you are looking at here is hosted by Squarespace—it's a template of theirs that I modified for my own needs. I was able to establish an account with them, upload content, modify the template, and put this site online in less than a day. And the result is better than I could have done had I tried to code it myself from scratch.

While I continue to support the work I've done for my existing web site clients, the writing on the wall is clear: if you need to get a web site up and running, you don't need me. You need Squarespace.