Exhibit Closing Soon

If you're anywhere near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and haven't yet seen the exhibit of my work at Saint John's on the Lake, now is the time! The show ends next Monday, January 11th.

This is my first solo show comprising nine quilts, including the triptych Ice/Earth/Air which had never been shown before in its entirety.

Any or all of the works are currently available for purchase. Contact me for more information.

Trying Something New

With XL out for custom quilting, I'm starting my 41st project, and trying something new: designing my own fabric. For my first attempt I'm starting with a photo I took in New York City a few years ago. I'm having it printed multiple times on cotton, then I'll do my usual thing: cut it up into triangles and see what I can make out of it.

The Plan

Here's a photocomposite of the direction I'm headed with Project XL. The original fabric is so cool that I don't want to hide it on the back of the quilt, so I'm bringing it around to the front in the form of a jagged rift running through the field of hexagons. This quilt will be a bit larger than previous quilts. And a bit trickier to construct!